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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nigeria = "please reply urgent" emails?

This is from the article, When ‘they’ think ‘Nigeria’, what do they think? in "Nigeria's most influential and respected daily business newspaper" (as claimed in their website) by Tolu Ogunlesi. It is asking the big question, "Can the government of Nigeria succeed in selling Nigeria without the consent and support of Nigerians?"

Imagine for a second that you were not Nigerian. That instead, you came from Australia, or Singapore, or Luxembourg, and that you had never left your country before.
But you had access to CNN, and to the internet, and to magazines like Time, Newsweek and the Economist. [...]

It's very likely that you'd assume the following about Nigeria : Nigeria is a country/tribe/ethnic group/township in Africa , so there's probably a war or wars going on there (A lot of Hotel Rwandas and Blood Diamonds).

Like all African countries, it must have loads of poor folks - fly-swathed, [... bunch of poor stuffs].

HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, Poor them. [... some stuffs on language and oil]

Relatives of their dead politicians (who always seem to be dying either in car accidents or violent coup plots) love to send emails chock-full of multimillion-dollar business proposals and with titles like "Urgent Urgent" and "Please Reply ASAP". [...]

There's a long queue of them in the Sahara, stretching from their border, headed Europe-wards...

The truth, sadly, is that there is (some) truth to most, if not all, of the above. But the truth again is that there is yet another truth, which is this: there is more to Africa, and Nigeria, than money-laundering politicians, gun-running warlords and "please reply urgent" emails.

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