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Friday, December 26, 2008

Come here to study, maths and science.

This is from the article, Asian students top performers in maths, science, in Sify news.

Hong Kong SAR and Singapore were found to be the top performing countries in maths at the fourth grade level, followed by Chinese Taipei and Japan.
The report also said that Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, England, Latvia, and the Netherlands also performed very well.
As regards mathematics achievement at the eighth grade, the researchers wrote that Chinese Taipei, Korea, and Singapore were the top performing countries, followed by Hong Kong SAR and Japan. There was a substantial gap in average mathematics achievement between the countries.
Hungary, England, the Russian Federation, and the United States performed similarly.
In science achievement at the fourth grade, Singapore turned out to be the top performing country, followed by Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong SAR. Japan, the Russian Federation, Latvia, England, the United States, Hungary, Italy, and Kazakhstan also performed very well.
At the eighth grade in science, Singapore and Chinese Taipei again had the highest average achievement, followed by Japan and Korea.
England, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hong Kong SAR, and the Russian Federation also performed well.

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Weather and cycling

This is from the article, Christmas Riding Around The World, in the blog Cycling tips, hints and tricks.

In Singapore a good friend of mine tells me that it’s 30C and raining there so there’s no Christmas Eve group ride. Bunch of softies.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Money is coming, oh no!

This is from the article, Singapore's star rises as Switzerland stumbles, by Neil Chatterjee and John O'Donnell in the International Herald Tribune.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said this month such scrutiny in the West could lead to more European money flowing into the country, a hot talking point in the industry.
But European cash comes with the risk that Singapore too could be targeted in the crackdown on tax havens. "I expect Singapore to come under pressure, too," Prime Minister Lee said.

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Did we forget to name it?

This is from the article, Singapore math makes a difference, by Kristen A. Graham in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Just a handful of schools were using Singapore math five years ago. Now, the number exceeds 1,000, experts say. FACTS, the only school in the region using it, routinely hears from others that are interested. A Delaware school will soon adopt it.
California and Oregon allow schools to use the texts, and some Utah legislators are pushing for all schools there to adopt the curriculum.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Four languages, but only Tamil may not be enough

This is from the article, 15-25 yr-olds most active users of AIDS helpline, in The Times of India.

The city-based helpline has been getting calls from not only rural Maharashtra, but also Bangalore, Delhi, Rajasthan, and even Dubai, Singapore and Africa!

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